528 Blockchain Scalability is NEAR

Blockchain scalability is the know issue in the space.

Blockchain Trilemma, originally articulated by Vitalik Buterin referring to the issue that blockchain network can only provide two of the three its key benefits such as decentralization, security and scalability.

Categories: Uncategorized 494 Happy Birthday The Graph !!!

One year ago, The Graph was launched on the Ethereum network. With a mission, that is very simple to understand, but difficult to realise. To index all public blockchain data — to become a new Google for the Web3.0.

Categories: Uncategorized | Comments 445 We are excited to announce POIFIER !

Developed jointly by Grassets Tech and RyabinaPOIFIER is The Graph infrastructure project made by Indexers for Indexers on a mission to help with verification of indexing data consistency.

Long story — short

Indexer is a node operator who provides indexing and query processing services for The Graph protocol consumers.

As the proof of data indexing Indexer submits POI (Proof Of Indexing) to the protocol and gets indexing rewards.

Categories: Uncategorized | Comments 442 The Graph network migration

We live in a very dynamic environment and this month was very busy on the Web3 arena in particular. The Graph protocol is one of the leading Web3 infrastructure protocol has released some important updates this month. Let’s look at those in various perspectives.

Month ago, The Graph Foundation has announced the migration plan of three phases:

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As the release day approaches, many Curators from The Graph testnet seek for instructions on how to release tokens from their vesting contracts.

How to release tokens to your beneficiary wallet.

Every unlock you will be able to release 1/16 of your initial contract amount. To be able to release tokens you have to have your tokens available on your contract, e.g. returned from delegation.

Categories: Uncategorized | Comments 425 The Graph Protocol — Indexer prospective

The Graph network went live at 17:00 UTC on 17 December 2020!

The Graph has created decentralised digital economy to boost dApp development, DeFi and beyond.

Categories: Uncategorized | Comments 435 The Graph Network. One month on the mainnet


17 January 2021

Month ago, at the EPOCH 4, The Graph Network mainnet went live. grassets-tech team, among few other indexers has joined the mainnet at the very start. We are fully synched, 100% uptime and earning rewards since the EPOCH 5.

Categories: Uncategorized | Comments 432 The Graph Protocol — How to Delegate your GRT

It is almost four weeks since The Graph network Mainnet went life on the 17 December 2020. There is nearly 1.4B GRT tokens staked to the protocol. Network inflation reward is 3% per year which currently provide APY of 21.74%. There is still only PoolTogether subgraph is being curated, and very little query, which makes it simple enough to understand how much rewards to expect from staking.

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