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commission 18%



commission 18%


Frequently Asked Questions

What is XX network

The xx network is a future-proof layer-one blockchain that facilitates thousands of transactions per second and protects against cryptography-breaking quantum computing.

The xx network provides private communications infrastructure that isn’t owned by a corporation, individual, or government.

The xx network was founded on the belief that no matter where you are in the world, you should be able to communicate and transact privately without worrying about whether your digital footprint can be viewed or compromised by any external party.

How to stake XX?


  • Create and fund a controller wallet
  • Bond the coins you wish to stake
  • Choose up to 16 nodes to nominate (with each bonded account)
  • Wait for the next election for your nomination to be applied
  • Claim rewards (rewards will automatically be staked so that they earn interest)


For more information please use the link bellow.



Where can I learn more about XX network?

Best place to learn about XX network is its website



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